What is Car-Free Day?

Picture perfect and environmentally friendly!

World Car-Free Day on September 22 is the ideal occasion to get out of the car and take advantage of all the different ways you can get across and beyond the Horizons Region. Options range from rail trips to Wellington, buses between towns, e-scooters or bicycles across our cities or walking around the corner to the shop.

But why have Car-Free Day when you can have Car-Free Week! Connect is providing free bus travel throughout the Horizons Region from Monday 18 September until Sunday 24 September. All you need to do is hop on - you don't even need to swipe your Bee Card - and take advantage of the new ways to get across the region.

Colour and snap your way to prizes!

This competition closed in October 2023. Check out the winners of the colouring competition below! Head over to our Facebook and Instgram pages to check out the photo competition winners.

Colouring competition winners!

While these competitions are closed, you can download the colouring pages - no matter your age - whenever you feel the need for some bus-themed colouring.

Colouring pages

Kids can beat the boredom with one of our two fun transport-themed colouring pages - the best colouring jobs will win a family movie pass to your nearest cinema, valued at $75! (open to ages 12 and under only).

Photography competition

For ages 13 and up, our 5 day-long photography competition will test your eye for transport - get out there and take a photo for each prompt for 5 chances to WIN! Be sure to check Connect's Instagram or Facebook pages each day from Monday 18 - Friday 22 September 2023 for a new prompt every day! (open to ages 13+ only).

Go to the 'Enter the photo comp here!' tab to submit your entry for each of the prompts. Only one entry per prompt per person. Voting will be on our Facebook page from Monday 2nd October until Friday 6th October.

Winners will receive a movie pass to your nearest cinema, valued at $75!

Winners for both of the competitions will be announced in October.

Person using Transit app

Use our handy Transit app to track a bus this week and hop on!

Why Car-Free?

We have so many ways to travel across and beyond the Horizons Region, such as rail trips to Wellington, buses between towns, e-scooters or bicycles across our cities or walking around the corner to the shop. These options are safer and healthier for both us and the environment we live in.

It's no secret transport emissions are damaging to our environment. Vehicles that run on fossil fuel are the fastest growing source of harmful climate pollution - 20 per cent of New Zealand's domestic greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, and 90 per cent of that is from road transport. Horizons’ plans target a 30% reduction in regional carbon emissions from land transport by 2030. Getting around using car-free options is a great way to achieve this goal.

World Car-Free Day was born in 2000 and takes place on 22 September every year. The movement encourages communities to ditch their vehicle for the day and consider other ways they can get where they need to go.

Enter the photo comp here!

Here's what we want to see!

Missed a day? No problem - please share your snaps anyway! The competition closes Friday 29 September.

Day 1: 🚴 Pedal Power Adventures 💨

Capture the excitement of cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. Whether it’s a scenic bike path, a cyclist commuting through the city, or a group of friends on a cycling adventure, showcase the joy and benefits of pedal power.

Day 2: 🚍 Rolling with public transport 🛞

Highlight the convenience and community spirit of using public transportation. Capture the diverse interactions and scenes that occur while traveling on a bus or train!

Day 3: 🚶‍♂️ Walking wonders ✨

Showcase the beauty of walking as a mode of transport. From urban strolls to nature hikes, capture the moments when people choose to walk and immerse themselves in their surroundings.

Day 4: 🛼 Innovative commutes 🛴

Show us the creative and innovative ways you are getting around without your car this year for Car-Free Day! This could include skateboards, electric scooters, rollerblades, or any other unique mode of transportation that reduces reliance on cars.

Day 5: 🚘 🚫 Car-Free communities

Capture the essence of a car-free community or event in our region. Whether it’s a street fair, farmer’s market, or neighbourhood gathering, show how communities can thrive without the dominance of cars.