Horizons’ river management and flood control activity includes 34 River and Drainage Schemes which have over 3700 assets with an estimated value of $991 million in June 2023. The Infrastructure Strategy outlines the current condition of these assets and the proposed approach to managing them over the next 30 years. This includes the approach to managing existing assets, completing upgrades or installing new assets and planning for the future.

The Infrastructure Strategy identifies the seven key long-term infrastructure issues and considers options to address these and identifies a preferred approach.

The key issues are identified as:

  1. Affordability of River Management and Flood Protection Activity.
  2. Responding to the impact of climate change and natural disasters.
  3. Delivering capital programme works to increase resilience to climate change impacts.
  4. Planning for financial implications of natural hazard events.
  5. Maintaining existing assets and understanding our asset condition and maintenance requirements.
  6. Achieving environmental, regulatory and other performance expectations.
  7. Merging the River Management and Flood Protection Activity into an integrated catchment management approach.

The preferred responses to these key issues have been considered as a part of the broader Long-term Plan including in the Financial Strategy, changes to the performance management framework, and our approach to asset management and maintenance. The Long-term Plan also proposes reallocation of some existing budgets and allocation of additional budget in order to deliver on the preferred responses.

The Infrastructure Strategy is contained in our Supporting Information, which can be found here.

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